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Welcome to Takoyaki Restaurant

Sushi Bar, Hibachi and Indonesian Japanese Cuisine

Come visit Takoyaki Restaurant in Opelika City, Alabama, and let us take you on a delicious adventure of the finest in Japanese and Indonesian cuisine. Our world-renowned Master Chef Sang Yasa has traveled and worked internationally to bring you the perfect fusion of Japanese, Indonesian and international flavors. Chef Sang brings passion to food preparation and to him, it’s not just about eating. It is also about the special feeling you get when one truly enjoys a delicious meal. Our Chefs personally hand select only the highest quality and market-fresh ingredients. Special care and pride are also given to the presentation of your entrees, resulting in a feast not just for your taste but also a feast for your eyes. Whether it’s Soup and Salad, Hibachi Express Lunch, or full-course dinner, our menu has something for everyone, including the less adventurous. We have Appetizers, Soup, and Salads, Hibachi Express Lunch or Dinner with shrimp, fillet mignon, beef teriyaki, and more, or Fresh Sushi with Salmon (sake), Yellowtail (hamachi), White Tuna and more. Or how about authentic Indonesian staples such as Satay Ayam (roasted chicken meat on a skewer served with peanut sauce), the classic Beef Rendang (beef cooked with curry coconut milk) or maybe you only crave Noodles or Tempura. If you find yourself confused or just can’t decide, feel free to ask any of our friendly staff for some help or explanation of anything on the menu. We are always happy to help. At Takoyaki, we also feel a family ought to be able to go out and enjoy a fine dining experience without overspending. That’s why you’ll find our prices very reasonable. We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit and come again with a friend or two!

People Say About Us


Been to Japan 15 times. This may be the best Sushi South of Japan. Combo B, Takoyaki, and Tempura Rolls are spectacular. We are here golfing from Ohio. I will come back for the golf 2nd and Takoyaki 1st.

Dana Tobias

Great place for sushi. They have excellent deals and prices for their food here. Service was surprisingly fast, and the staff is very friendly here.

Andrew Farrow

Compared to the other Chinese place in this same shopping center, this one wins hands down. Please keep up the great work and great prices. I like how they always show me a smile each time I come to place an order. I wish I would know this guy’s name, but he always remembers my past orders each time I come in. Great Stuff.

KEKY A&P Mexican, New York

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