About Takoyaki Restaurant

Takoyaki Restaurant is a family owned restaurant. Our family invites your family to join us for a dining experience of the finest food and best service reserved especially for you. We believe in using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our attention to detail is unmatched and we believe in the highest possible quality standards for every single item we prepare and serve. We also believe, a family ought to be able to go out and enjoy a fine dining experience without over spending. This is why our prices are extremely reasonable for this quality and service. When we first started thinking about opening a restaurant, our first thought was of the great people of Alabama and how nice it would be to provide for them a unique, one of a kind place to have a great, affordable international dining experience. Also one they would be proud of and would want to tell their friends in Alabama and surrounding cities that they can only find this type of dining experience in Alabama and not anywhere else close by. We also saw our restaurant as a way of giving back to our local community and the wonderful people of Alabama, we are bringing an international dining experience right here for everyone to enjoy without having to travel. So come visit Takoyaki Restaurant, relax and enjoy a dining experience possible only if you were to travel thousands of miles across the globe.

Meet Our Amazing Chefs

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Chef Sang

Chef Sang

Master Chef